The company's long-term recruitment of the following positions:
      Ink sales manager:
      1, responsible for SunChemical (Sun Chemical) silk screen printing ink products sales;
      2 、 responsible for the management and maintenance of the two dealers;
      3, according to the marketing plan, complete sales target, open up new markets;
      4. Responsible for collecting market information and analyzing competitors.
      1 、 Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry and material, no limit for both men and women;
      2, outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;
      3 、 good health and able to travel long term;
      4 、 more than eight years sales experience;
      5, treatment negotiable.
      Ink technical support:
      Operating duty:
      1 、 fully responsible for the training and technical support of Sunchemical (Sun Chemical) silk screen printing ink products;
      2, assist customers to complete ink selection, process validation and so on;
      3, assist sales, complete after-sales service work;
      Job requirements:
      1 、 above 5 years work experience in screen printing. Experience in wire printing company technical support, production, engineering, etc.;
      2 、 be able to independently palette, familiar with the whole process of screen printing;
      3 、 good health and adapt to long term business trip;
      4, treatment negotiable.
      Contact person: Miss Guo Tel: 021-57638688